My Dryrobe™ Advance (Long Sleeve In Camo Pink)

by Jemma Harvey-Jones

I must admit that when I bought myself a dryrobe™, I did think I was being a bit extravagant in splashing the cash on something relatively unnecessary for me. It’s not like I religiously head off down to the sea for a swim at 5am every day (I can almost hear my darling partner scoff at this idea) and I’m not likely to find the time to head off to join a sports team or train for a triathlon in the near future, even if I wanted to. No; essentially, I had pounced on the fact that these bad boys were back in stock and convinced myself that it was definitely worth purchasing one for… well maybe when I’m back teaching in the pool? Or… when we get changed after our own swimming lessons? Or how about when we head to the beach next summer with the little ones? Yes, well, maybe my arguments weren’t that convincing but still, they were back in stock, I was loving the colour scheme and what’s done is done.

Moving on, since purchasing this monster I am pleased to report that I have actually worn my dryrobe™ more than expected. I did in fact wear it to our swimming lessons! Told you so Mr WMD. Owing to the pandemic, when swimming lessons made a brief come back, we are asked to arrive ‘pool ready’ and to leave within 15 minutes. This worried me a little; I’ve never been a smooth operator in the changing rooms on my own, never mind with a tired, hungry and very grumpy baby. I needed the time to rinse, dry and dress the little one for the trip home rather than worrying about myself but be dry enough myself to not drip all over her once she was in her onesie and demanding cuddles. Given that we are mid-December, we swim at 6pm (by 6.29 she is in floods of tears and clawing at me for milk) and my baby has many rolls of fat to tackle, it can be a little time consuming to get her appropriately dressed to say the least. Therefore my plan was to strip and throw my dryrobe™ on, tackle the little one and breeze out of the door at pace before a mammoth feed in what I expected to be a chilly car. This was all very well, but since we have to take our belongings poolside for the duration of our lesson to leave space for surrounding classes to socially distance (this now includes a changing mat, our swimming bag, shoes, car seat) adding huge outerwear to the mix didn’t help with remaining compact. Furthermore, the dryrobe™ is just SO big that I struggled a little to reach with any delicacy to help my tiny human. However, it was brilliant when we headed out to the car – I didn’t need to fight with getting dressed and I was toasty warm. Next time I’ll just take a poncho towel as well so that I can avoid faffing around in the changing room showing my wares to all.

I’ve also worn it when out walking the dogs, both on my speedy trips alone around the block and on longer hikes with the tribe. My maternity/babywearing coat from Seraphine is still a little snug around the arms to be honest so it’s a little restrictive and I get a bit claustrophobic in it when wrestling the dogs on our walks. But with the cold spell at the moment bringing biting winds, I need something and this fits the bill. This beast is super warm, super cosy and the littlest member of our tribe can fit inside comfortably in her carrier, whilst affording me the flexibility to rescue our hounds from any trouble that they get themselves in to (the Velcro on the sleeves is handy when trouble strikes or picking up poo). I particularly like the double slider zipper; since I’m relatively short I don’t like feeling anything tightening around my legs and when baby is inside with me this feature allows me to adjust the coat to be airy like a big tent. Yes, my mum did mention that I looked like a cross between Mummy Pig and Dawn French in THAT ‘Vicar of Dibley’ scene when I was off jumping in muddy puddles with the toddler, but with the array of zip pockets available, I’d managed to arm myself with emergency nappies and wetwipes for the baby, snacks for the toddler and partner, treats and poo bags for the dogs, my phone and even a coffee for me so I decided it was a win overall. Furthermore, aside from the toddler in her puddle jumping suit, I was also the only one able to sit down on the soggy ground to bite into my turkey and cranberry roll without fear of a wet behind.

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