The Me and Mine Project – January 2021

by Jemma Harvey-Jones

  The Me and Mine Project – January 2021

The Me and Mine Project is all about capturing your whole family together in a photograph. On the final day of each month, Lucy at Dear Beautiful opens up a linky to add your own family photos to The Me and Mine Project.

She writes:

“I feel really passionate about the importance of photographs of family, and not just photographs of children. Our children will want to see us present in their childhoods when they’re older. So we shouldn’t wait until the perfect day or until we lose a little weight, or until we get better at photography. What really matters in that we photograph all the memories, and that means all of us being in them.
So each month we take a whole family photo, and then on the final day of each month we share the photos we got and a little bit about what our family has been up to that month.”
As for me; Lucy has amassed a beautiful collection of family photos to treasure of which she “Couldn’t be prouder. Of the fact that we have all these photos and memories. And of the people who are in them.” I want that too.
They’re not the best quality photos and they’re certainly not the prettiest but they are us and they tell our story.
Since we have been living with my parents for the last 12 months
I chose to include a photo of the entire household.

With the weather being so cold and wet
we have also spent a lot of time snuggling
in bed and watching movies.

Family Walks

Until February,

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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