The Siblings Project – January 2021

by Jemma Harvey-Jones

The Siblings Project – January 2021

The Siblings Project is a challenge to photograph your children together once a month. Each month on the 15th, Lucy at Dear Beautiful opens up a linky to add your own sibling photos to The Siblings Project.

She writes:

“I really feel that growing up with a sibling completely shapes the way that your childhood turns out. They are the people who we will always have that shared history with, those specific memories that are only ours, and that DNA that makes us so similar even when we’re different. I absolutely adore watching the different sibling relationships between my children. It’s such a special part of our family’s story, and by snapping our children together regularly we get a chance document that unique relationship, and hopefully give them a visual timeline of friendship that will last a lifetime.”

As for me; I cannot wait to see and record my girls grow month on month – and their relationship flourish.

The Siblings Project what mummy does

The Siblings Project what mummy does

Little M has spent a fair amount of time on the floor with her sister. I’ll admit that in part, it’s definitely to do with being keen to enjoy her little sister’s Christmas presents, but I’m delighted that she has a genuine interest in Baby F and is keen to play with her. Baby F, now so much more aware of her surroundings, watches every move that Little M makes and is delighted when she gives her the attention she craves.

This pair are going to keep me on my toes, that’s for sure.

See you in February,

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