Living Arrows 11

by Jemma Harvey-Jones

No. 11


Living Arrows Sunny Days & Signs of Spring

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” by Kahlil Gibran

Soooo, we’re back to Mummy having NO time of her own again. I had high hopes for dedicating some more time to blogging, and to getting my shop on here and on Etsy up to scratch this week. Unfortunately, the girls were a dynamic duo and between them managed to make sure that I was attached to one child or the other for, I think, at least 90% of the time. I have had very little sleep and have been sat on a great deal. Jealousy is rife – when one of them sees the other getting the attention, they make their selves known to demand them of their own! So I’ve still got a whole heap of draft posts in my file and no items up for sale. Not ideal, but, they wont want me forever so I’ll take what I can get; soak up their adoring eyes, their sloppy kisses, their arms clinging onto me and worry about the rest another time. I’ll leave the housework, the half packed boxes and anything above the level of personal basic hygiene for another time too. I am, at this point, also quite grateful that the ballet which we were due to take Little M to this week was cancelled as I really can’t have imagined Baby F coping with being left without me. There’s clingy and CLINGY.

Daddy had his time off from work as planned, although the weather didn’t hold and it rained and rained and rained… until he was back in the office of course! Not quite what I had in mind for the adventures outside together that I had planned! Never mind.

We did manage a nice nice nature walk, looking for the mouse’s home (we are currently obsessed with The Gruffalo’s Child) 

devon blog

country walks

and a car picnic too (although Baby F and I stayed INSIDE the car, whilst Little M and Daddy braved an ice cream in the rain)!

and a lovely walk on Mothering Sunday with the whole family (our support bubble)…

mothers day living arrows

and we learnt some new games too!

living arrows

I hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day celebrating YOU and that you have a super week.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to catching with your #LivingArrows either through your own posts or comments upon this post.

Until next week,

living arrows light at the end of the tunnel

Living Arrows is a weekly linky, hosted by the fabulous Donna from What The Redhead Said, celebrating childhood. The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Every Monday we will share a photo/photos from the previous week that capture a moment of childhood.   If you’ve enjoyed reading this post, we’d love for you to follow our adventures on our social media channels or become part of our family at



Living Arrows

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Donna March 19, 2021 - 1:10 pm

It sounds like hard work at the moment – I hope this time passes and things ease x

Sarah March 21, 2021 - 11:41 pm

I remember the days of a newborn and a toddler – it’s such hard work but I promise it does get easier eventually!

Katrina | ChatterFoxBlog March 22, 2021 - 12:07 pm

Hats off to you for doing so well- it’s difficult when you don’t get any time to yourself and I only have one child!

Katrina x


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